How five Miami Dolphins chose their cause for NFL’s cleats campaign

Jarvis Landry's cleats to support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. (Nike)

Jarvis Landry’s cleats to support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. (Nike)

A league that goes out of its way to make sure every player on every team is dressed exactly like his teammates on game days has done an about-face for this weekend, encouraging individuality.

That’s why many members of the Dolphins will be wearing personalized cleats for their game against the Baltimore Ravens, having each picked a movement they support as part of the NFL’s new “My Cause, My Cleats” campaign.

As part of the Week 13 initiative, Dolphins receiver Jarvis Landry will wear specialized cleats indicating his support of fighting Cystic Fibrosis, which became personal for him after he lost his “first love” to the disease. Landry related his poignant and sad story to The Post’s Joe Schad this week.

Dolphins players were asked more than a month ago which causes were close to their hearts. Here are some of their stories, too.

Running back Jay Ajayi

Cause: MENs Disease (multiple endocrine neoplasia, a rare, inherited disorder in which several endocrine glands develop tumors or grow excessively without forming tumors)

Why he chose MENs: “I lost an aunt to it, my dad’s sister, and actually my cousin who lived with me growing up (has it). I just found out this year that he has it as well. So just through communication with him and my whole family, I wanted to bring awareness to the disease and hopefully start getting a conversation out there, because there are people that go through it.”

Linebacker Jelani Jenkins

Cause: RISE (Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality).

Why RISE: “Inequality is definitely something that’s prevalent in today’s society. It’s a chance to be able to create awareness and play football at the same time. I think it’s awesome.”

On the My Cause, My Cleats program: “It’s a really, really cool thing that we’re doing. I can see it getting even bigger in the next coming years with more guys getting involved in it, once they see how popular it is.”

Cornerback Tony Lippett

Cause: Autism Speaks.

Why Autism Speaks: Lippett has known those with autism and is fortunate he was able to learn about the condition. “It can be difficult and some people kind of overlook the fact they are human beings and they have feelings as well. They’re not just people that can’t comprehend.”

Defensive end Andre Branch

Cause: RISE.

Why Rise: “It’s a great cause, to bring awareness to all the problems that are going on in this world today. For me, it’s supporting something that I’ve lived through.”

Safety Michael Thomas

Cause: The First Step Foundation, which served underprivileged youth and tries to bridge the gap between kids and police.

Why First Step: “It’s great to continue to promote them, especially on this stage, especially in the midst of all the protests and stuff going on in this country with racism and the relationships between our authorities and our communities.”

On the program: “Guys have been painting their cleats forever, so for us to do it without having the threat of getting fined, I think it’s awesome. Plus they’re supporting great causes. It’s putting those causes that they already support on an even bigger platform. It’s only good.”

Here’s a list of the Dolphins participating in the program:


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Michael Thomas' cleats to support The First Step. (Nike)

Michael Thomas’ cleats to support The First Step. (Nike)

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