Dolphins OC Clyde Christensen redefines “gunslinger” for QBs

A real gunslinger. (Paramount Pictures)

A real gunslinger. (Paramount Pictures)

DAVIE–The term “gunslinger” gets thrown around to describe reckless quarterbacks from time to time, the best recent example being Brett Favre, and that definition is fairly consistent with what the dictionary says.

Dolphins offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen would like to offer a different take on the word, especially as it pertains to quarterback Matt Moore. Enjoy.

“I think gunslinger is a complementary phrase, to me, that means he doesn’t have fear,” Christensen said. “A lot of guys who haven’t played in four or five years would come in there tentative and start taking check-downs and would… be conservative and not want something bad to happen. When I use the term gunslinger, it’s a guy who comes in and goes. It’s not that he takes stupid chances. It’s not a derogatory (term).

“He walks down the main street of the Western and he doesn’t have any fear. He walks down the main street, and the guy shows up and they have at it. That’s the mentality, I think, of a gunslinger–not that you’re careless. It’s not a negative term, to me. It’s a positive term. There are a bunch of quarterbacks in this league that come into those situations scared–not necessarily scared, but scared to make a mistake and checking the ball down and being over-conservative, not wanting to get hit.

“They don’t throw that ball up to Kenny Stills at the (Arizona) game and take the shot with the guy bearing down on him. That Cover Zero post that he threw, which was huge in the Jets game up there, they don’t do that. They want to start slow. If I gave any indication the term gunslinger was careless or derogatory, I wouldn’t mean that. That definition of gunslinger would be “unemployed,” for me. Those kinds of gunslingers are dead; they got shot. Those guys are all extinct and three feet under now.”

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