Miami Dolphins fan, not Jets, rules with butt of all jokes caption


Yes, this is an actual personalized plate of a car driving around South Florida. (Hal Habib / The Palm Beach Post)

Luc Despars, take a bow.

Despars came up with the overwhelming winner in our caption contest for a photo I shot Wednesday night of a beat-up Dodge Neon driving around Broward County with a personalized plate that says JETS RUL.

“Looks like Mark Sanchez ran in the back of this one too,” Despars wrote, drawing 69 “likes” on the Post on Dolphins Facebook page.

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It gets my vote, too, on the theory that anything that keeps alive the legendary butt fumble is worthy of everyone’s attention.

Shawn Bunnell gets the silver medal, writing, “This car was mint the last time the Jets were relevant.”

Bronze: Michael Halpern’s “They gave him the choice of cutting of the L or the E.. but of course the jets always take the L.”

The photo attracted thousands of looks on Facebook and tons of entries in the caption contest, so honorable mentions are clearly in order:

Christopher Allen: “The personalized plates cost more than the car is worth. As for being a Jets fan in Florida, at least they aren’t a jaguars fan.”

Tim Brown: “Sure fire way in Florida to make sure your car does not get stolen …. because no one in Florida would be seen with anything JETS !!”

In a special category are two entries with visuals:




Many thanks to all who took the time to join in the fun. And if anyone spots plates for the Bills or Patriots, let us know and maybe we’ll do it again.

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