What were the Miami Dolphins good at in 2016?

Wake was a big factor in Miami's third-down defense. (Bill Ingram/The Post)

Wake was a big factor in Miami’s third-down defense. (Bill Ingram/The Post)

DAVIE–It was a curious year for the Dolphins, who at one point went on a 9-1 stretch in which every week a different element of the team seemed to shine. There were days like the win in Los Angeles where the defense shut out the Rams all afternoon to keep victory in play for the offense on the final drives, and days like Christmas Eve when it felt as though Miami wasn’t playing defense at all and was fortunate to have a high-powered offense.

So what exactly were the Dolphins good at last year?

Team-wise, Miami had an excellent ground game (114 rushing yards per game, ninth in the NFL) and an elite third-down defense (63.8 percent stops, fourth in the league). Actually, if a team was going to pick two strengths to have, that’d be a good start.

Here’s a look at where the Dolphins finished relative to the rest of the NFL:


Total yardage: 332.8 yards per game, 24th
Passing: 218.8 yards, 26th
Rushing: 114 yards, ninth
Scoring: 22.7 points, 17th
Sacks allowed: 30, 10th-lowest
Third-down conversions: 36.7 percent, 25th
Red zone scoring: 55.3 percent, 15th
Turnovers: 23, tied for 17th-lowest


Yardage allowed: 382.6 yards, 29th
Passing: 242.2 yards, 15th
Rushing: 140.4, 30th
Scoring: 23.8 points, 18th
Sacks: 33, tied-19th
Third-down stops: 63.8 percent, fourth
Red zone stops: 43.1 percent, tied for 21st
Turnovers caused: 25, tied for 11th

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