What did Broncos coach Vance Joseph learn from his year with Adam Gase?

Vance Joseph is at his first NFL Combine as a head coach. (Getty Images)

Vance Joseph is at his first NFL Combine as a head coach. (Getty Images)

INDIANAPOLIS–Vance Joseph and Dolphins coach Adam Gase weren’t together long, but Joseph took plenty from him last season.

The Broncos hired Joseph as their new head coach in January after a year as Gase’s defensive coordinator, and the No. 1 lesson Joseph learned came from seeing Gase staying committed to his plan even when things went poorly early in the season.

“Adam did a great job,” Joseph said this morning. “Making tough decisions–that was Adam’s year. Starting 1-4, it was tough. Sticking with the process, believing in the process and winning nine games straight, that was awesome. To watch Adam go through those first five games and not panic and not lose the process was impressive.”

He added that he plans to implement that same approach with Denver by telling his team, “Stay with the process. It works. Believe in the process and just stay demanding on your players. It works.”

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