Ex-Miami Dolphins tight end Jordan Cameron: Few players really ‘love’ football

Jordan Cameron recently retired from the NFL. (Getty Images)

The Dolphins love to say they’re after players who love football.

Former tight end Jordan Cameron wasn’t one of them — but he says he’s not alone.

“I don’t think a lot of these guys love football, to be honest,” Cameron told ESPN in a revealing interview. “A lot of them don’t. You play for other reasons, and every guy has their own reason. They know why, and as long as your why is really important, you keep playing without really loving football.

“Because really, who loves to get hit in 10-degree weather by a 280-pound person? Really, no one likes that. ‘Do you love football?’ I couldn’t stand when people asked me that.”

Cameron, 28, recently retired after suffering his fourth concussion in six seasons. He caught 35 passes for 386 yards and three touchdowns his first season with the Dolphins, 2015, but was three games and 60 yards last season.

Cameron admitted the injuries affected the way he approached the game.

“You’re playing physical and you’re playing an intense, violent game,” Cameron said. “You have to gear yourself up for that, but it’s hard to gear yourself up if you’re thinking about getting hit or what the implications might be.”

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