Miami Dolphins’ Mike Pouncey: Jordan Cameron can’t be referring to me

Mike Pouncey. (Getty Images)

There is love in the Dolphins’ locker room after all.

Dolphins center Mike Pouncey sounded surprised to hear that former teammate Jordan Cameron was quoted as saying he didn’t think many NFL players actually “love” the game. Cameron, a tight end, recently retired at age 28 after his fourth concussion in six seasons, the final two of which were in Miami.

“I don’t think a lot of these guys love football, to be honest,” Cameron told ESPN in a revealing interview. “A lot of them don’t. You play for other reasons, and every guy has their own reason. They know why, and as long as your why is really important, you keep playing without really loving football.”

Pouncey said he knows why he keeps playing — because he does love football.

“He couldn’t be talking about me,” Pouncey said after finishing his round at the Jason Taylor Foundation’s annual golf benefit at Weston Hills Country Club.

“I wouldn’t be able to speak for him but personally, myself, I love football, so that’s why I play it,” said Pouncey, offering perspective from a guy who has endured more than his share of injuries, too.

Although it never occurred to Pouncey to take a poll around the locker room, he said he’d like to think most of his current teammates love the game, too.

“I would hope so,” Pouncey said.

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