March fool! Jared Odrick rejoining Miami Dolphins isn’t really in the script

Jared Odrick reacts to stopping Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson in 2014. (Allen Eyestone / The Palm Beach Post)

That Jared Odrick. Such a kidder.

Odrick, the former Dolphins defensive lineman and No. 1 pick, posted a short video on social media Thursday labeled “@ Davie, Florida.”

One click took viewers to a shot that pans office hallways with a plaque commemorating Don Shula and the 1972 Dolphins, has three framed Dolphins jerseys, then zeroes in on an office door. There, you see Odrick about to step out of an office as he says, “No, thanks, coach. I’m really looking forward to it. I really am. Thanks. See ya.”

So how about that? Odrick had hit it off with Adam Gase, had just signed a deal, was rejoining the Dolphins and, before we knew it, the Pee-wee Herman sack dance would be returning to Hard Rock Stadium. A big adventure for everybody!

Except …

Odrick, who portrays the only 300-pound football player who drives around in a tiny Fiat — oh, wait, that was him in real life — has not signed with the Dolphins.

The video was Odrick having fun on the set of the HBO show “Ballers,” where he actually has appeared. It took a sharp eye to catch the lone clue as to what Odrick what was up to. As Odrick leaves the office, you catch a glimpse of the nameplate outside the door: Larry Siefert.

Siefert is the GM on “Ballers.” Now, one could ask why Odrick would be referring to his GM as “Coach,” but whatever.

As for the Fiat, Odrick ditched it a couple of years ago when he signed that five-year, $42.5 million deal with the Jaguars, who recently cut him. It was a Fiat 500. If you aren’t familiar with it, just know it’s the model that, when it grows up, it hopes to be a Smart Car.

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