NFL Draft: Dolphins evaluate character issues case-by-case, no automatic decisions

The Dolphins pick 22nd in this year’s NFL Draft. (Getty Images)

DAVIE–The Dolphins don’t have a strict policy on ruling out players with certain character issues, at least not that they’re willing to reveal publicly, but scrutinize each prospect’s history individually.

When asked if there are red flags that would automatically rule out a player in next week’s NFL Draft–the Patriots, for example, have said publicly they won’t take anyone with a domestic violence offense on his record–Miami general manager Chris Grier said there’s more nuance to the team’s approach.

“Our philosophy is each player we look at individually, so Drew Brooks and Stu (Weinstein) do a great job of doing the background (checks) and digging in on players,” Grier said. “When the Laremy (Tunsil) thing came up, we had already done a great job of background stuff. With each player, we still have information coming in on players right now. We’ll make those decisions early next week. For us, it’s background and character are huge. We won’t take any shortcuts on doing that.”

Tunsil was a possible No. 1 pick, but fell to the Dolphins at No. 13 on draft night when a photo was leaked of him using a bong.

As far as domestic violence is concerned, Grier added that those cases are rarely simple.

“It’s a very sensitive subject, and we have our feelings on it, but in dealing with that, you have to look at every case individually,” he said. “There are some cases where you hear it was domestic violence, but the player was the one who called the police, and the girl hit him. But because the police were called, it goes on the player as domestic violence. We have to look at each case individually before we make a determination.”

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