Top 5 things Miami Dolphins DE Charles Harris said

Defensive end Charles Harris wore number 91 in college. He won’t be wearing number 91 with the Miami Dolphins (at least not in 2017). (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Miami Dolphins defensive end Charles Harris held a news conference with local reporters late Monday night. Here are the five most interesting remarks Harris made:

  1. “No matter when I would’ve got drafted, I’m going to come into the league and I’m going to dominate. I don’t have the same mindset as everybody else. I’m not trying to just make it there, I’m trying to get there, stay there, dominate, feed my family – everything, for real.”
  2. “At the end of the day, it’s about what you’ve got in your heart. That’s what I’ve got. I’ve got heart. I’ve got a drive that’s nasty.”
  3. “My style … I’d probably say my utilization is probably like Michael Bennett. Outside, inside – just any and everything. I can play any technique – nine, five, three. I can play anything.
  4.  “Just give me a jersey, a helmet and some pads and some cleats. I can get my own cleats, but I probably have to wear (the team’s) cleats. Just give me some cleats, and I’m ready to go. I don’t care what the number is. I’ll make the name shine.
  5. “I’ve never been to Miami, but I’ll make that move. (laughter) I haven’t been to Miami, but look, I’ll take it. I love it. Let’s do it.”

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