Patriots QB Tom Brady to be Madden 18 cover boy; Dolphins fans rejoice

(Jamie O’Connell/EA Sports via AP)

The 2017 NFL season is when the Miami Dolphins will start to own Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

At least, that’s what you probably think if you believe in the “Madden Curse.”

It was announced Friday that for the first time, the 39-year-old quarterback and five-time Super Bowl champ will grace the cover of Madden 18, becoming the oldest person to do so since the great John Madden himself did so from 1988-2000.

“Cool. Whoopee! Good for him,” you say. Right?

As a Dolphins fan, though — particularly one who knows that Brady is 20-9 against you over the course of his career — you’re just as likely licking your lips and rubbing your hands together a la Mr. Burns from “The Simpsons” as you ponder Tommy Boy’s impending future, under the spell of the Madden Curse, blowing games against your team.

See, this curse is no urban myth.

It ruined Michael Vick’s 2003 season before it even started, as he fractured his fibula in the preseason.

Donovan McNabb had the worst season of his career, landing on injured reserve in 2005 after being chosen for the cover.

Remember the one-promising NFL careers of Daunte Culpepper? Shaun Alexander? Vince Young? Peyton Hillis? All ruined by the Madden Curse!

It even severly hampered Brady’s teammate Rob Gronkowski, who missed eight games (including the playoffs) last season due to injury after becoming the Madden 17 cover boy.

Sure, Calvin Johnson was hampered enough by the curse to post a measley (NFL-record) 1,964 receiving yards in 2012 after he was on the cover. And, OK, Odell Beckham posted 96 catches for 1,450 yards and 13 TDs after being on the cover of Madden 16. And we could make similar arguments about Ray Lewis, Richard Sherman, Eddie George and others.

Nonetheless, Brady hopes he falls into the latter category, going so far as to try to reassure us that he’ll be OK after all is said and done.

“Now I’ve heard there are some of you out there who might be worried about something called the ‘Madden Curse,'” he said in a Facebook post this morning. “There’s no such thing as curses. It’s a total myth.”

At that point, Brady breaks a mirror and walks under a ladder, finally pointing out that there’s “no curse” and that things are still “all good!”

We’ll see what he says when he goes 5-for-27 for 43 yards and seven interceptions against the Fins in Week 12.

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