What is Miami Dolphins CB Cordrea Tankersley’s rookie reward?

Tankersley cashed in big with the Dolphins. (Getty Images)

DAVIE—Raekwon McMillan was pleased to report today that he’s moved into his own apartment, a grand step into adulthood. Fellow Dolphins rookie Cordrea Tankersley one-upped him by getting a car that costs as much as one.

Tankersley, the cornerback out of Clemson, said he got an apartment as well, but also treated himself to a “G-Wagon” after signing his rookie contract. That would be a Mercedes-Benz G-Class, which looks like an armored military jeep.

According to U.S. News & World Report, the 2017 models retail for anywhere between $122,400 and $225,000. That’s quite a vehicle for Tankersley, who described himself as “not really a big spender.”

He added that he specially ordered the car with a matte grey finish and black rims. Here’s an example of what those look like:


For third-round picks, the rookie contracts are slotted at four years and less than $4 million total.

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