Jarvis Landry: Jay Cutler, Matt Moore or any other QB can win with Dolphins

Jarvis Landry thinks Miami’s skill players are good enough for any quarterback. (Allen Eyestone/The Post)

MIAMI GARDENS—The Dolphins came into this offseason with big ambitions about what their offense would do in its second year under Adam Gase and felt so confident about their personnel that they brought back nine of their 11 starters.

That confidence hasn’t changed despite Ryan Tannehill going down with a knee injury this week. Jarvis Landry, the team’s best offensive player, said any competent quarterback—be it Jay Cutler or Matt Moore—should thrive while surrounded by him, Kenny Stills, DeVante Parker, Jay Ajayi and Julius Thomas.

“Absolutely,” Landry said this afternoon. “For us, no matter who’s the quarterback, it’s finding a way to complement each other and make plays for each other. That’s what it’s all about. For us, right now, it’s stacking each and every day together.”

The Dolphins aren’t sure whether Tannehill will be out for the year, but they know he’ll be out long enough to necessitate a free agent signing.

He spent the offseason rehabbing his left knee and believed he was back to full strength at the start of training camp, but it gave out on him Thursday morning. At a minimum, Tannehill will miss two months.

“It’s hard,” said Landry, who has been his teammate for four years. “It’s hard to see anybody go through what Ryan’s going through, but all I can do is pray for him and continue to encourage him and let him know that this team has his back and we stand behind him.”

Moore is running the first-string offense for now, and that provides continuity. He’s been the Dolphins’ backup since 2011 and took over when Tannehill went down in December. He closed out a win in the Arizona game and went 2-1 as a starter to get Miami in the playoffs.

He completed 63.2 percent of his passes for 721 yards and had eight touchdowns against three interceptions before the Dolphins lost to Pittsburgh in the postseason.

“Matt’s a gunslinger, man,” Landry said. “He’s a guy with high energy. He commanded the huddle. You see him making plays out here, so we’ve gotta make plays for him. We all help each other out in that way.

“We all have a good chemistry. You guys have seen it. We run routes with Matt.”

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