Miami Dolphins: upcoming Philly trip good time to bond with Jay Cutler

Miami Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler on the sidelines talking guard Jermon Bushrod at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens on Thursday night. (Allen Eyestone / The Palm Beach Post)

MIAMI GARDENS — Jay Cutler has been to Philadelphia at least twice, leading the Bears to a victory in 2011 and taking five sacks in a bad loss to the Eagles in 2013.

So perhaps Cutler has seen the Liberty Bell or the famous steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (Cutler! Cutler!).

Perhaps he’ll join his teammates for cheeseteaks at Geno’s or Pat’s.

Since Cutler’s arrival in South Florida, it’s been football, football, football.

So in the locker room on Thursday night, after a bad preseason loss to Baltimore, a few Dolphins mentioned they’re looking forward to getting to know their new quarterback better on this upcoming road trip.

It’s an unusually long football road trip, of course, travel on Sunday for joint practices on Monday and Tuesday and then a game Thursday night at Lincoln Financial Field.

Five nights of get-to-know-you-better.

“He has a great personality,” Dolphins tight end MarQueis Gray said. “He knows when it’s time to work. He knows when it’s time to have fun. When it’s time to get serious he’s serious. But so far it’s just been football inside the building. We haven’t had a chance to break away from it. I’m banking on this Philly trip as a chance to get to know about him more. Get to know about his personal life.”

Gray said he has already has a good feel for Cutler’s preferences as a player.

“I mean, we’re together every day,” Gray said. “You can pretty much get a feel for him of how he is as a player. But off the field that’s one of those things where we have to do some team bonding things. Get a chance to pick his ear.”

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Recently, Cutler said he knows it could take days or weeks to develop on-field chemistry with his teammates.

Cutler also said coach Adam Gase hasn’t asked him to deliver any type of grand speech to the whole team.

“It’s been kind of organic,” Cutler said. “I didn’t want … That’s not really Adam’s thing. He doesn’t want to force anything. He kind of lets it happen. We’ll make our rounds and get to know guys and unfortunately the roster will start slimming down so it’ll get a bit easier to remember everybody.”

After Thursday’s game, Cutler’s left tackle, Laremy Tunsil, said he was looking forward to getting to know Cutler better as a person. But Tunsil said he already has a sense of his on-field leadership style.

“Man that’s an NFL-type quarterback,” Tunsil said. “That’s a real NFL-type quarterback. He’s one of those quarterbacks that gets in the huddle and takes the leads. That’s a quarterback you respect.”

When Cutler was signed, wide receiver Jarvis Landry explained that any player who joins the team should immediately be embraced.

“Honestly, when you walk into this facility and you’re wearing these colors, you are family,” Landry said. “For Jay, we welcomed him with opened arms. We’ve extended all of our contacts, all of our resources to him and his family. That’s just what it is.”

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