‘Um, I just took it’: Miami Dolphins’ Cordrea Tankersley takes ball and goes home

Dolphins cornerback Cordrea Tankersley (30) and defensive back T.J. McDonald (22) tackle Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jeremy Maclin.(Allen Eyestone / The Palm Beach Post)

MIAMI GARDENS — This is the kind of story that can’t be properly told today, because rest assured, it will be infinitely better five or 10 years from now.

By then, the ball that Cordrea Tankersley intercepted might have some dust, but when visitors ask what the conversation piece is all about, there’s no telling how the tale will be told.

It’s juicy already.

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After Tankersley pulled an “excuse me, I believe that’s mine” against Ravens receiver Quincy Adeboyejo for his first interception as a pro, he was seen in the locker room with said ball. When somebody assumed Tankersley was awarded the ball (for preseason?), Tankersley confessed.

“Um,” he said. “I just took it.”

Bold for a rookie, but justifiable. Tankersley had taken it from Adeboyejo, who appeared to have made a reception from Ryan Mallett before Tankersley managed to wrap his hands around the ball, too. Most wrestling matches — simultaneous possession tussles — end up in the receiver’s favor. Not this one.

“I just took my first career NFL ball, you know,” Tankersley said. “You don’t get too many of these. They’re hard. So I took this for me, preseason or not.”

Tankersley said when he saw Adeboyejo running a slant, he made a break. He said his instincts were to take a swipe at the ball. He swiped, all right.

“Score,” he said.

So no, it isn’t technically a “game ball” that Tankersley is sending Mom, but that’s OK.

If Thursday night was any indication, it may not be long before that ball has company.

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