Ex-Miami Dolphins QB Chad Henne lives! (Here’s proof that’ll slay you)

The Dolphins’ Chad Henne gets a bit worked up in a 2011 game. (Allen Eyestone, Post staff)

[UPDATE: Chad Henne was 8-of-14 for 73 yards, 0 TDs, 0 INTs and three sacks vs. Carolina on Thursday night. He also rushed once for 14 yards.]

Quarterback Chad Henne has a shot at starting for the Jacksonville Jaguars, which surely comes as a shock to many Dolphins fans.

Not that Henne may start.

That Henne is still in the league.

Here’s a bigger surprise: Out of all the quarterbacks who failed to succeed Dan Marino, Henne has had possibly the best post-Dolphins career of all (depends on perspective, as you’ll soon see).

Here are some fun facts about Henne. Except for you non-millionaires, who might find this head-scratching material:

Good work, if you can get it: Henne, 32, has collected $20.2 million from the Jaguars since 2012. That’s about $4 million for each game he has won (in 22 starts). He has attempted 899 passes and completed 513, meaning nearly $40K per completion.

Henne vs. Kaepernick: Henne has a career rating of 75.5, inching just past Tim Tebow (75.3). Not to stir things up, mind you, but Henne hasn’t seen meaningful action since 2013, when had a 76.5 rating. That’s nowhere near the 90.7 put up last season by — paging Spike Lee! — Colin Kaepernick.

Henne, Brady mentioned in same sentence! Henne was taken in the second round in ’08 out of Michigan by the Dolphins after they passed on Matt Ryan. Henne came up a bit short of being the next Tom Brady, starting 31 games for Miami and winning only 13. He had a tepid 75.7 passer rating with 31 touchdown passes vs. 37 interceptions. Sources tell us Brady’s numbers might be better.

Ranking the other post-Dolphins careers of QBs who came between Marino and Ryan Tannehill

Had moments in the sun

Brian Griese: Went from Tampa Bay to Chicago and back to Tampa starting in 2004, making 27 starts. In ’04, had 97.5 passer rating, 69.3 completion percentage and 20 TDs vs. 12 INTs.

Sage Rosenfels: Spent three seasons in Houston starting in ’06, going 6-4 with 297 of 453 for 3,380 yards. Also with Giants in 2010, but no pass attempts.

Played some, still a trivia question

Gus Frerotte: Played for St. Louis and Minnesota starting in ’06, made 14 starts. In ’08, managed just a 73.7 QB rating despite 99-yard pass.

Joey Harrington: 10 starts for Falcons in ’07, 3-7 record, 77.2 QB rating.

Daunte Culpepper: Played for Oakland and Detroit starting in ’07, won only 2 of 16 starts. Never had more TDs than INTs.

A.J. Feeley: Was with Philly and St. Louis starting in ’06. Made 5 total starts.

Hardly played again


Trent Green: Spent ’08 in St. Louis, 41.7 passer rating, 0 TDs, 6 INTs.

John Beck: Ex-second-round pick of Dolphins was 0-3 with Washington in 2011.

Jay Fiedler: Appeared in two games for Jets in ’05. Passed for 107 yards.

Tyler Thigpen: Two seasons with Buffalo starting in 2011. Went 6 of 13 for 55 yards.

Cleo Lemon: Jaguars (who else?) picked him up for ’08, when he went 0-2.

Never played again

Chad Pennington

Ray Lucas

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