Move over, Kenny Stills – Ndamukong Suh eager to catch passes for Miami Dolphins

What? You don’t think Ndamukong Suh can be a threat downfield? (Getty Images)

DAVIE — Everybody knows Ndamukong Suh doesn’t come off the field when the Dolphins are on defense.

But he’s never out there on offense and he’s apparently feeling left out.

So as receiver Kenny Stills was talking with reporters Sunday, Suh, a Pro Bowl defensive tackle, jumped in to make himself heard. When someone asked about the excitement factor of playing with quarterback Jay Cutler, especially how he has been distributing the ball, Suh figured the question was directed at him, not Stills.

“I hope they give me the opportunity,” Suh said. “I want to play a little fullback, a little tight end. Put me in some goal line. I’m ready.”

Good time to point out that yes, Suh was joking. But given his athleticism, maybe it’s not the craziest idea. Remember when Jets offensive lineman Jumbo Elliott caught a TD against Miami on Monday Night Football?

“I’m ready,” Suh said.

“A little Suh in the flat,” Stills said.

Actually, longtime fans may have seen that before, going back to Suh’s Nebraska days.

“Yes, I played a little fullback, coming out of the backfield,” Suh said. “I had some good opportunities. It was fun – all fun and games back in college. I’m not saying it wasn’t the real life back then, but it’s a little bit more serious up here at this level.”

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