Why are Miami Dolphins letting play clock dwindle to final seconds?

The Dolphins are struggling to get their plays off in time. (AP)

DAVIE—The Dolphins can’t seem to decide whether they want to go fast or slow. They worked largely out of the no-huddle offense in the preseason and the opener, but that’s gone away the past two weeks.

It’s actually gone completely the other way. Not only is the team huddling and getting itself set, it’s eating up time off the play clock. If you’re watching the games and feeling like they often barely get the snap off, you’re correct. Adam Gase is all for huddling, but would like to see his team get lined up faster.

“That’s a tough one to explain,” he said, obviously frustrated. “We’ve just got to get back to the huddle and get out of the huddle and get lined up and ready to go. It’s a big point of emphasis for us. It has been since the start of the season, and really it was last year with ‘Get to the ball, get back to the huddle, give us some time.’”

That part about getting back to the huddle is a big one. Among other issues, Gase wants players to stop getting caught up in confrontations after the whistle. The 40-second play clock starts ticking as soon as the ball is spotted.

“That clock will go quick if you’re walking around and we’re getting into melees in between plays,” he said. “The shot clock is going. The officials aren’t going to stop it for you. You’ve got to get back to the huddle, get the play call, get up to the line of scrimmage. Nobody should be asking questions. It’s not that hard. Line up and play.”

One of the most glaring miscues in Sunday’s loss to the Saints came after Jay Cutler’s fumble set up a third-and-24, then the Dolphins committed a delay of game penalty.

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