Dolphins K Cody Parkey says missed extra points an aberration

Cody Parkey has made all five of his field goals, but he’s 2 for 4 on extra points. (Allen Eyestone/The Post)

DAVIE—In his debut with the Dolphins, Cody Parkey was the hero. Last week, he was in danger of a much different ending.

When the Dolphins pulled ahead 16-10 over the Titans on Jay Cutler’s pass to Jarvis Landry with 10:33 remaining, Parkey botched the extra point badly. Lined up on the left hash, he sent it wide right and left an opening for Tennessee to possibly win the game with a late touchdown.

Fortunately for Parkey that didn’t happen, and he’s able to put it behind him.

“If we’d lost by one point, ok yeah, maybe I’m dwelling on it a little more,” he said. “But the defense took care of things and we won by six. You just move on to the next game.

“Of course I’m the bad guy at that point, but I had complete confidence our defense would stop him, and if not, I’d get another chance with our offense.”

Parkey has missed two of his four extra points this year, the other coming on a meaningless touchdown in the final moments of Miami’s loss to the Jets. Prior to this season, he was 81 for 82 in his three-year career.

Parkey is 5 for 5 on field goals this season, including two from 40-plus yards. The extra points are 33-yard attempts.

“I haven’t missed any field goals and I’m hitting the ball better than ever,” he said. “There’s really nothing to it.

“Once you start thinking too much into it, that’s not what you want. You just want to keep hitting your ball. If I’d missed eight field goals and all that was going wrong, then yeah, maybe I’m looking at it a little more, but right now I’m hitting the ball really good, so I’m just gonna keep doing that.”

Special teams coordinator Darren Rizzi said Parkey “chunked” the extra point against Tennessee, meaning he caught the turf as he struck it.

“Have you ever hit a fat ball when you play golf?” Rizzi said. “That’s what he did. He got some grass. It was a little soft down there on that end of the field… That’s a ball that I’ve never seen him hit that far to the right before. It was just one of those things where if you saw where he hit the ball and you looked right down, a big chunk of grass came out of the turf. That’s what happened on that particular kick.”

Rizzi agreed with Parkey that the majority of his kicks in games and practices have been solid and there’s no need to get hung up on that miss.

The Dolphins eyed him throughout the offseason, hoping Cleveland would cut him. When he became available at the roster cut deadline, Miami claimed him and waived Andrew Franks.

Parkey, from Jupiter High School, made the Pro Bowl as a rookie with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2014 and kicked well for them the following year before being released and ending up with the Browns.

Rizzi, the former special teams coach at Rutgers, followed Parkey since he was a high school prospect and has always tracked his career. He was a strong advocate for picking him up from Cleveland and has enjoyed finally getting a chance to coach him.

“I’m starting to really respect him as a person, just his approach,” Rizzi said. “He’s got a very, very professional approach to him. You would think that he’s been kicking in the league for a lot longer than he has.

“He’s really done exactly what I’ve seen on film through college and his short NFL career. He’s just been a consistent guy. I know everybody will (say) that he’s missed a couple of extra points. I get it, and he has to clean those up, but he’s been pretty consistent throughout his warmups, his practice routine and his game routine. It’s been pretty much what I expected.”

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