Miami Dolphins: Why did Jay Cutler miss so badly on some Monday throws?

Miami Dolphins’ Jay Cutler aims a pass against the Carolina Panthers during the first half of an NFL football game in Charlotte on Monday. (AP Photo/Bob Leverone)

DAVIE — When Jay Cutler misses a target, he often misses badly.

Sometimes it’s hard to know, was there a miscommunication? Is Cutler still shaking off rust from not participating in the offseason? Or is he just, sometimes, that bad?

Well, perhaps it’s a combination of all three.

On Monday night at Carolina, Cutler was alarmingly off on some throws. For example, in the first quarter, Cutler had Jarvis Landry wide open on a third down and, not under pressure, leaped into the air and threw high and wide of Landry.

On one play in the first quarter, Cutler overthrew DeVante Parker by 10 yards. On a pass in the third quarter, Cutler drastically overthrew an open Kenny Stills.

Offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen referred questions about Cutler’s inaccuracies to coach Adam Gase on Thursday.

Gase later explained that various factors come into play on such throws. One key one that continually pops up is mechanics.

“Some of them are not setting your feet properly,” Gase said. “And you know your alignment. Just some basic stuff. It’s one of the things that we’re just consistently working on. Is just trying to keep him in that pocket. Make that pocket firm. Let him sit in there and work his feet. And when he’s ready to turn it loose, have his proper mechanics. And that’s when we get accuracy.”

Cutler has looked pretty sharp against the Jets and Oakland, completing 75 and 81 percent of his passes, though most all of them were short passing plays.

But against Carolina, he was 22-for-37, a completion percentage of 59 percent.

Gase said a failure in communication with receivers continues to plague.

“A couple of them (incompletions) we weren’t on the same page,” Gase said. “We took the wrong angle on one of the routes. He thought one of the guys was going high and he flattened it out. So that kind of was one of those ones where they saw it one way and he saw it a different way.”

Cutler is now the 22nd-rated passer in the league. But he’s 31st in average gain per pass.

The Dolphins don’t have a completion beyond 36 yards this season. And it seems Cutler just isn’t very effective on certain routes.

Gase acknowledged that there were a few excellent throws Cutler made on Monday. It’s just about being more consistent.

“There were some throws there in the second quarter, some in the fourth, that were really, really nice, especially to Kenny (Stills) that were 12-yard out routes, that were very accurate,” Gase said. “It’s a lot of it is just mechanically of being in the right position.”

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