Colin Kaepernick fits Miami Dolphins’ QB need behind Ryan Tannehill

Colin Kaepernick (7) makes sense for the Dolphins for football reasons. (Allen Eyestone/The Post)

The answer to the Dolphins’ quarterback uncertainty is sitting there to be had. He’s waiting for their call.

With no guarantee on Ryan Tannehill’s left knee, they need a sound backup plan to avoid the fiasco they got into last summer in which they were begging broken, old Jay Cutler to take their $10 million.

There’s a highly available 30-year-old who’d be happy to hear from them. He’s still in his quarterbacking prime and, believe me, very well rested. Plus, if Miami brings him in soon, he’ll have ample time to adapt to the offense.

Much like Tannehill, this guy is good, not great. He has taken a team to the Super Bowl. He possesses the mobility coach Adam Gase believes is an absolute necessity, and over the past decade he’s been one of the five safest quarterbacks in the league when it comes to interceptions. In his most recent season, he put up a better passer rating than Tannehill’s career average.

There’d be little question about it if his name wasn’t Colin Kaepernick.

The Dolphins’ power trio of Gase, Mike Tannenbaum and Chris Grier can’t let anything hinder them from doing their sole job of assembling the best possible roster. Politics, regardless of whether their views and Kaepernick’s are aligned, don’t show up on scouting reports.

That’s the opinion of their boss, anyway.

When Dolphins owner Stephen Ross was asked last year whether Kaepernick’s stances, including being the originator of the national anthem protests, were keeping him out of the league, he couldn’t fathom that being true.

“A lot has been written about it, but you know owners, or coaches… they’ll do anything it takes to win,” Ross said. “And if they think he can help them win, I’m sure—I would hope they would sign him.”

Kaepernick can help the Dolphins win. He wouldn’t be coming in to compete against Tannehill, who will be Gase’s unquestioned starter if healthy, but he’s a more proven option than David Fales or anyone they might pick up in the draft.

It’d be ideal for Miami to find some veteran backup as a contingency, a point underscored by seeing Josh McCown go to the Jets last year and far outperform Cutler for about half the cost. Considering how tight the Dolphins’ salary cap situation figures to be, however, their budget will put serious restrictions on who they can get.

So what does a 6-10 team with limited finances do? It scrolls Craigslist looking for bargains like Kaepernick. Finding undervalued assets is enormously important for a team like the Dolphins.

Based on what’s been reported, it appears he just wants to play. It’s highly doubtful he’ll be holding out for a huge contract offer or demanding a chance to be the starter. He’s precisely the bargain Miami needs.

Would signing Kaepernick look a little desperate? Probably, but the Dolphins are desperate. Ross unloaded his frustration after the team plummeted out of the playoff race with three straight losses to end the season.

“You put as much as I put into a team and you try to do all the right things to win, how can you not be disappointed?” he said.

Doing all the right things to win means basing football decisions on football criteria. The three men running this team can’t be scared off by the likely public relations headache that accompanies signing Kaepernick, and they ought to know another 6-10 season wouldn’t bode well for job security.

The first thing he’d need to do is rectify his past support of Fidel Castro, but everything else he’s voiced over the past few years has now become commonplace in the NFL. The league saw entire teams kneel after Donald Trump’s criticism in September. Six Dolphins players did so that weekend, and many more players and staff wore #IMWITHKAP t-shirts before the game.

It’s not a huge leap from #IMWITHKAP to #KAPSWITHUS.

Tannehill’s standing within the organization is secure enough that he shouldn’t be upset about them bringing in Kaepernick as insurance. If he was too frail for that, it’d be an issue no matter who the Dolphins bring in, and given his knee injury, they can’t afford to ride into next season without a Plan B.

Gase seems sturdy enough to manage it, too. Remember all the times he held his ground when fans called for him to bench Tannehill and Cutler?

“I’ll make the decision on quarterback,” he said. “We’re not going to take public polls.”

Fine. Don’t take one on Kaepernick, either. Instead, recognize the gift of being able to acquire a low-risk, high-reward backup quarterback and make the decision that makes this team better.

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