LIVE: What NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is saying Wednesday

Laremy Tunsil and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. (Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images)

ORLANDO — NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is ending the owners meetings with a press conference. Here is some of what he said:

• We spent a great deal of time talking about how we can get better. Our focus is on the game and the fan and the changing media landscape.

• We have integration between football people, medical people, owners and coaches to come to a way to make our game better.

• We clarified the catch-no catch. There was little discussion. The vote was 32-0. We had input well in advance.

• We are making the game safer. We want to take the head out of the game and make sure we’re using the helmet as protection and not as a weapon. We’ve made great progress. We will have a meeting with each club to go through the changes and explain them.

• We spent a great deal of time on the stadium experience. We are thrilled by what we have coming to Los Angeles. It’s going to be the best stadium in the world.

• On the national anthem, the focus of the meeting on social justice was passing the last piece of a program worked out with the players’ coalition. They want to address issues the players have raised passion about. The ownership supports that. There was some discussion on the anthem.

• The NFL says it did not see loss of control on the Corey Clement Patriots’ TD in the Super Bowl that was not overturned. They say they did not use the new catch rules in the Super Bowl last season.

• The ownership will continue to discuss if there should be a national anthem policy change. He is going to listen to players to understand better what they were protesting. He was texting with Malcolm Jenkins and Anquan Boldin about moving forward together.

• The 32 teams make their individual decisions on what players to sign. When asked about Eric Reid not being signed, he said he’s not involved in those decisions.

• On the new lowering the head restriction, coaches strongly support making changes. Unanimous support to take the head out of the game. It’s not in the best interest of the game at any level. Let’s not jump ahead. We need to have a discussion. The players have not yet heard the dialogue of the the basis of why the decision was made. Let’s get the tape to the players. Let’s get the analysis to the players. Lets not rush to judgement about the ramifications. We think the helmet can be a protective device instead of  a weapon.

• The officials have to get on the same page about how to officiate this new rule. But the league believes it’s going to be clear and actually easy to officiate.

• The initial focus on the new lowering of the head rule is education as opposed to punishment. The level of data and information that is not available on injury data and engineering data, helps the league to frame the thinking behind the decisions.

• Coach Bill Belichick raised replay and ejection related to the new lowering of the head penalty. The officials can have more confidence if there is some video input. The coaches and clubs and officials believe it is appropriate. Using replay for safety is positive.

• A key part of the work moving forward is looking at what is the standard of when to go to a disqualification, fine and/or suspension.

• On the Rooney Rule, the efforts have to be looked at more broadly. It’s not just about the Rooney Rule. It’s much broader than that. How does the league create the opportunities to help train people and get the experience to help advance their careers. It’s a core value of who the NFL is and what it does. Can the rule be improved? Absolutely.

• There is no insight into what the Supreme Court is going to rule on gambling. But the owners were briefed on how gambling is evolving and how the rules may be changing. The most important thing endorsed by the membership is preserving the integrity of the game.

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