Dolphins LB Kiko Alonso defends hit on Ravens QB Joe Flacco

Kiko Alonso’s hit ended Joe Flacco’s night. (Getty Images)

BALTIMORE—There’s little chance Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso will be able to talk his way out of a punishment from the NFL after what he did to Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.

Late in the second quarter of Miami’s 40-0 loss in Baltimore, Flacco scrambled on a nine-yard run and as he slid, Alonso drilled him in the head hard enough to knock his helmet off. Flacco exited the game and is now in the league’s concussion protocol.

Alonso defended the hit, saying Flacco slid as late as possible and left him no choice but to go for the tackle.

“I was wondering, is he gonna slide?” Alonso said. “And then it got to a point where I’m like, ‘I’ve gotta hit him,’ because he slid too slate. It was bang-bang.”

The play drew a personal foul penalty for Alonso and spilled into a skirmish near the Ravens sideline.

It started with Baltimore center Ryan Jensen, who shoved Alonso to the ground and pounced on him. It got bad enough that a referee was taken down.

The incident continued with Baltimore coach John Harbaugh and Alonso screaming at each other. Alonso said he told Harbaugh, “Man, it was bang-bang. I don’t know what else I could’ve done.” Harbaugh did not comment on it beyond saying it was penalized correctly.

Alonso hadn’t seen the video immediately after the game, but was aware of the damage it did to Flacco. He regretted the impact of the hit.

“Yeah, well, I hope he’s alright,” he said. “You hate to see that happen to people. I truly hope he’s OK.”

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Video: Dolphins LB Kiko Alonso knocks Ravens QB Joe Flacco out of game

Kiko Alonso drilled Joe Flacco, sending him into the NFL concussion protocol. (Allen Eyestone/The Post)

BALTIMORE–Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso delivered a questionable blow to Joe Flacco’s head on a quarterback slide, knocking him out of tonight’s game against the Ravens.

Flacco rolled right and took off on a nine-yard run before Alonso hit him with his forearm. The play took place near the Ravens’ sideline and started a melee between the two teams with 3:14 remaining in the second quarter.

Baltimore center Ryan Jensen shoved Alonso, then tackled him. Line judged Jeff Seeman was taken down as the players fought. At one point, Ravens coach John Harbaugh got in Alonso’s face and they screamed at each other. Alonso also had to be separated from Ravens wide receiver Jeremy Maclin after the incident had mostly been settled down.

Alonso was hit with a 15-yard personal foul, but he got off easy compared to Flacco. The Ravens quarterback was immediately taken to the locker room and is now in the league’s concussion protocol. Prior to going down, he was 10 of 15 for 101 yards with a touchdown pass.

Ryan Mallett came in for Flacco and finished the drive with a two-yard touchdown pass to tight end Benjamin Watson to put the Ravens ahead 20-0 just before halftime.

Baltimore announced Flacco is definitively out for the game.

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What Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh said about the Miami Dolphins, Matt Moore

Ravens coach John Harbaugh. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

What Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh said Monday night in advance of Thursday night’s game against the visiting Miami Dolphins, including insight on how Harbaugh will approach the Matt Moore/Jay Cutler situation:

  • On changes he has seen in the Dolphins over the years (this is the fifth year in a row the Ravens are facing the Dolphins): “I think Adam Gase is doing a great job. I think they’re very distinctive in terms of identity in all three phases. They have excellent coordinators. We have a lot of respect for them in what they’re doing and what they’re building there.”
  • On the improvement in the Dolphins’ defense this season: “They’re just really good. They have good players, veteran players. I think (Rey) Maualuga’s playing really well in the middle, but they have three excellent linebackers. Obviously one of the best fronts in football. So they’re moving those guys around, they’re blitzing the run a little bit. But I think it’s a very good scheme.”
  • On the Ravens’ offense not moving the ball and scoring: “That’s what’s concerning me. We’ve been really struggling. We’ve had a lot of injuries. Not that that’s our excuse. It never would be. We still expect to perform at the highest level and we’ve just got to find a way to do that.”
  • On the Ravens’ injured receiving corps: “I think we had two at the end of the game (Sunday’s loss to the Vikings), so we’ll just have to see.”
  • On ex-Dolphin Mike Wallace’s leadership capabilities: “Since he’s been here and our knowledge of him, he’s a really hard worker. Got a lot of energy, kind of an infectious energy, a big-time competitor. Every day in practice he really wants to do well. And he’s a lot of fun to be around. So he’s always alert. He’s ready go to work and gives his best. So I appreciate that about him.”
  • On WR Griff Whalen, who was in Dolphins camp: “He did a good job in preseason and we got jammed up with our receiving situation here in the last two weeks. Brought him in last week and he only practiced two days and went out there and played pretty well. So we pulled him out of Gold’s Gym and he went out there and did a good job. But he’s a pro and a very smart player. Not surprising at all.”
  • Come again — you found him at Gold’s Gym? “Yeah, I think so. It’s Gold’s or one of those places. He was working out when we called him. He said he was working out — he picked up the phone and started breathing real hard. Said, ‘Oh, coach, I’m just working out.’ That was the right answer.”
  • On preparing for Miami’s offense, unsure if it’s Cutler, or much more likely,  Moore at QB. How do the Ravens split preparation time in terms of focusing on either QB: “It’s a good question. First of all, we prepare for the offense. The offense is established. Both quarterbacks run the same offense. The rest of the guys out there will be the same guys. So you’re preparing for the complete group more than you are any one player. Each of the two quarterbacks brings a little something different but Matt Moore’s a great quarterback. He’s proven that. We’ve played him before. We understand what he brings to the table and that’ll be our focus in preparation. If that changes, we’ll just have to adjust.”
  • On the qualities he sees in Moore that enable Moore to bring a team back from 14 points down: “He’s just a talented a guy. He’s never not proven. He’s always played well whenever he’s gotten his chance that I’m aware of and he can throw it. He’s got great awareness. He can move in the pocket. He can move out of the pocket and make plays extended. It seems like he’s got really good control of the offense. All the things that successful quarterbacks do, he seems to be doing.”

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Dolphins’ owner Stephen Ross thinks Colin Kaepernick not being blackballed

Colin Kaepernick has yet to find a new team. (Allen Eyestone/The Post)

DAVIE—If any NFL owner would be sympathetic toward Colin Kaepernick’s unemployment, it’d be the Dolphins’ Stephen Ross. When national anthem protests spread into a league-wide controversy last year, started by Kaepernick, Ross was more outspoken than any of his peers when it came to supporting the players.

That said, Ross is highly skeptical that teams are blackballing Kaepernick because of his political and social stances.

“I would sure hope not,” he said Thursday. “I know a lot’s been written about it, but you know owners and coaches—they’ll do anything it takes to win. If they think he can help them win, I’m sure—I would hope they would sign him.”

Kaepernick’s been linked to several teams as possible landing spots as a backup, notably the Seahawks and Ravens, but never Miami. That’s primarily because the team is pleased with veteran Matt Moore as their No. 2 quarterback behind Ryan Tannehill. Dolphins coach Adam Gase made that clear in the spring when he stated unequivocally that there was no interest in Jay Cutler.

Kaepernick wasn’t amazing last year, but he put up solid numbers on a terrible 49ers team. He averaged 186.8 yards per game, completed 59.2 percent of his passes, had 16 touchdowns against four interceptions and rushed for 468 yards.

A day after Ravens coach John Harbaugh publicly expressed some interest in Kaepernick, they signed David Olson from the arena league.

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Ravens’ John Harbaugh interviewed Gase for a coordinator’s job a few years back


On Adam Gase’s winding road to the Miami Dolphins’ head coaching job, he got plenty of experience interviewing with other teams for coordinator positions. One of those teams was this week’s opponent, the Baltimore Ravens, who in January of 2015 were looking for a playcaller to fill the role once held by Gary Kubiak.

FILE - In this Sunday, Nov. 27, 2016, file photo, Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh answers a question during a post game press conference after defeating the Cincinnati Bengals 19-14, in Baltimore. With Baltimore leading Cincinnati by seven points, coach Harbaugh told his team to intentionally hold the Bengals to draw penalties while punter Sam Koch ran out of the back of the end zone. The strange but smart strategy ensured a victory for the Ravens rather than risking a fluke fumble or blocked kick. (AP Photo/Gail Burton, File)
Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh (AP Photo/Gail Burton, File)

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh talked Wednesday about the very favorable impression he got from his meeting with Gase, who at the time was 36 and the offensive coordinator at Denver.

“I really enjoyed it,” Harbaugh said. “We hit it off, man. We had a great time talking football philosophy. I love the way he thinks. I loved his style, loved his energy. Just felt like he was one of the really top coaches that I talked to in an interview-type setting.

“It would have been great to have been able to bring him here but I think we all knew at the time he was destined to be a head coach very soon and obviously he’s doing a great job with that.”

Gase said that he met with Harbaugh from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. soon after Kubiak left Baltimore to become Denver’s head coach. He told Baltimore reporters that he appreciated Harbaugh fitting him in at a time when he was weighing other offers.

The Bears landed Gase as their playcaller that year. Baltimore hired Marc Trestman, a former head coach in Chicago, as their offensive coordinator but since then have moved on from him to Marty Mornhinweg.

This is how it works in the NFL, coaches networking and moving all over the place, and obviously it all worked out for the best for Gase and the Dolphins.