Dolphins committed to latest logo for now, but will wear throwbacks twice in 2017

The Dolphins are breaking out their 1966 uniforms again in the 2017 season.

DAVIE — Miami Dolphins president and CEO Tom Garfinkel said the organization is committed to the franchise’s latest logo “as of right now.”

Garfinkel has heard from many fans who prefer the logo used when Bob Griese and Dan Marino played.

“Yeah, as of right now, that’s the plan,” Garfinkel said. “There have been fans that certainly love that aspect of the uniform. And we love it too. There is a long time frame. You can’t just change uniforms on a whim. So I’d say we’re listening to the fans and evaluating everything. We’re open-minded. But as of right now there is no plan to change.”

In fact, Miami will once again wear throwback jerseys to 1966 twice in the 2017 season.

“We love them,” Garfinkel said. “The players love them. That was one of the first things [we thought] when we first got here. We look up at these pictures of Bob Griese and Nick Buoniconti. Those are beautiful football jerseys. So how do we bring those back on a more consistent basis?”

The Dolphins will also wear all-white jerseys in a Thursday night color-rush game against Baltimore on Oct. 26.

Owner Stephen Ross was not a fan of the bright orange color-rush jerseys Miami wore last season.

Dolphins to don orange again as ‘Color Rush’ jerseys revealed

Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry models the team’s “Color Rush” uniforms for 2016. (Courtesy of

The NFL has revealed the “Color Rush” jerseys for the 2016 NFL season and the uniforms have drawn mixed reviews.

The Dolphins will be sporting an all-orange uniform during their Thursday night matchup Sept. 29 with the Cincinnati Bengals, who will be dressed in all white. Miami’s uniform features white numbers and lettering and a white stripe down the side of the pants. The lettering, numbers and stripes are outlined in aqua, and the Dolphins will be wearing their regular helmets.

The look will signify the return of the team’s orange jersey tops, a fashion trend the Dolphins experimented with in 2004. The difference between the 2004 unis and the new version is that in 2004 the pants were white.

Until they’re seen on the field, it will be hard to gauge just how memorable the Dolphins’ “Color Rush” jerseys will be.

Despite the bright orange, the Dolphins’ uniforms are far from the flashiest or brightest of the bunch. Several teams like the Seahawks (flourescent green), Vikings (purple), Rams (yellow) and Titans (blue) take the cake in those categories.

Hopefully, this year, colorblind people can enjoy the Color Rush games as well, an issue that the NFL has worked to fix this time around.