Miami Dolphins: Why Adam Gase wears a ‘University of Davie’ T-Shirt

DAVIE — The way Miami Dolphins coach Adam Gase tries to connect with his players reminds of the way many college football coaches try to do the same.

Gase views football as more than a business and views players as more than chess pieces, or robots.

And so it makes sense that Gase has been sporting a “University of Davie” T-Shirt around training camp.

Davie, of course, is where the Dolphins practice.

There is an actual university here, Nova Southeastern. And they make for great neighbors.

But Gase is running his own type of university, as the leader of an NFL franchise.

“Our guys like it,” Gase said. “They feel like there’s a little bit of a college atmosphere around here.”

In what ways would Gase like his program to be similar to a university or collegiate atmosphere?

“I think it’s just the closeness,” Gase said. “I think our guys have kind of created that on their own. We kind of wanted to make it where our guys like coming to work every day and they want to go out to the practice field. They enjoy being around each other. Those guys created it. They spend a lot of time with each other when they’re here. When they are off the field, it seems like our guys like to hang out with each other.”

Gase, 39, exudes positive energy and it’s something his players seem to have picked up on.

“Most of us think back to when we were in college and that’s what it was,” he said. “I like the environment our guys have created. Like today, it was great energy on the field. Guys were having fun, they practiced hard and there was great execution on both sides. I’m sure we made plenty of mistakes we’re going to learn from and tomorrow we’ll come back and get better from today.”

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