Jay Cutler, Adam Gase history goes back to airport ride in Detroit

Gase (left) and Cutler (6) go way back. (AP)

DAVIE—Jay Cutler was on the field early for Tuesday’s practice getting some throws in with a fresh Dolphins hat turned backwards. Minutes later, coach Adam Gase emerged from the facility wearing the same hat the same way.

These guys are incredibly similar personalities, which is something they discovered all the way back in 2006 when Gase was low-level assistant for the Detroit Lions and Cutler was a rookie quarterback coming out of Vanderbilt. They were 28 and 23, respectively, at the time and they instantly hit it off.

Gase was tasked with picking up Cutler from the airport and driving him to the facility for his pre-draft workout. Since the Lions didn’t have a quarterbacks coach at the time, Gase was with him the entire visit.

“We were good right from the get-go,” Gase said. “If you spend a day and a half with somebody all day long, you’re either good or you’re not.”

The Lions ended up taking linebacker Ernie Sims at No. 9 that year, and Cutler went two picks later. He and Gase had a minor overlap in Denver before the Broncos traded Cutler to Chicago, then they met up again when Gase became the Bears’ offensive coordinator in 2015.

When they got together in Chicago, they hit it off like old college buddies.

“The communication is good,” Gase said. “It’s just we’re probably both a little bit–We’re both smartasses, so we make comments to each other all the time about every little tiny thing that goes on.

“All of our quarterbacks are really like that. We’re kind of open. That’s just how I am, and they’re not afraid to give it back to me. I mean that whole group, it’s opening up a tidal wave of stuff.”

Cutler’s been asked about their history since he got here and remembers it similarly. When pressed for one insightful thing Gase put in his head during his resurgent 2015 season, he quipped, “Adam talks a lot.”

Gase has been thrilled to have Cutler back, especially given Miami’s circumstances with Ryan Tannehill’s injury, and has all but placed him in the starting job with about a month to go before the regular season. He’s expressed zero doubt about his readiness, both physically and mentally, and he’s grateful their careers have intersected again.

“We just kept bumping into each other as far as guys in the league and people that we’ve been around,” Gase said. “We just keep crossing over a lot. We just kept in touch.”

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