Miami Dolphins LB Mike Hull has an interesting side job

Mike Hull does more than just play linebacker. (Allen Eyestone/The Post)

DAVIE—The NFL is a league of contingency plans, and while the Dolphins haven’t worried much about the long snapper position during John Denney’s 13 years with the team, they do have a backup plan.

This came up when Denney was dealing with a minor injury: It turns out linebacker Mike Hull would go in for him if there was ever an issue. He picked up the rather obscure skill in his senior season at Penn State with an eye on helping his long-term football future and has kept it up since coming to the Dolphins as an undrafted rookie in 2015.

“I was like, ‘Hey, I might start long snapping to add value for the next level,’ so I started practicing and picked it up and never looked back,” he said. “I just asked guys that I was around for little tips and pointers and just started fine tuning my skills. I’m nowhere near as good as John Denney, but I think if I was called upon, I’d be good enough to get it back there for sure.”

It’s a more difficult skill to master than some people might realize. High school players can get major college scholarships just for doing that, and guys like Denney have hauled in serious money as pros. It’s a crucial role, too, as it can make a punt or field goal attempt go haywire if it’s not done right.

Hull stays sharp with it at all times. He works on long snapping twice a week with assistant coach Marwan Maalouf after practice, taking about 15 reps. He’s never done it in a game at any level, but he wouldn’t have any hesitation.

“I don’t know about calm, but I think I’d be able to get it back there and do my job and do what I’m supposed to do for the team, for sure,” he said. “I feel confident enough that I could get it done.”

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