Miami Dolphins’ Jay Cutler shows he’s more comfortable, on and off the field

Miami Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler looks to pass during the first half of an NFL football game against the Patriots on Monday night. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

DAVIE — When the Miami Dolphins decided to sign Jay Cutler this off-season, they realized he has been studying to be a broadcaster, not at all preparing to play quarterback in the NFL.

So coach Adam Gase, executive vice president Mike Tannenbaum and general manager Chris Grier had a meeting, in which they discussed that things might look a lot better toward the end of the season then at the beginning.

“We’re probably going to go through some interesting growing pains in public,” Gase recalled Thursday of the conversation. “It’s not going to be in training camp, it’s not going to be in OTAs. We went through a little bit of that where it didn’t look very good. We had to work through that.”

In Cutler’s last seven starts, he has 15 touchdowns, 8 interceptions and 7 sacks.

Overall, Cutler is 6-5 as a starter, including 5-3 in his last 8 starts.

On Thursday, Cutler had a comfortable, engaging interaction with the South Florida media at his weekly press conference.

Cutler pontificated on his speed, the snow, his beard, his wife and even his future.

Cutler said it’s not fair to anybody to talk about the future and his plans now; but that he’ll be more ready to talk about it after the season.

But as for the fun stuff:

• On his remarkable 360-degree spin move against the Patriots to avoid a sack and set up a touchdown: “We had a little miscommunication up front. I just kind of caught – I was working right – and I just kind of caught it out of my peripheral, hit the spin button quick and was lucky enough to get out of there… I think (Kenyan) Drake probably made it look a little bit easier than I did. His spin factor was probably a lot faster than mine.”

• On the snow, which he is more-than-familiar with: “I think wind is probably the biggest factor in some of these cold weather games. Snow, rain, 30 degrees, that’s all fine. We’ve got heated benches, heated hand muffs, heated helmet things, so once you get out there, you’re running on adrenaline; but if it’s windy, I think that probably affects QBs more than anything else.”

• On why he hasn’t shaven: “I don’t know. My wife hates it. Hell, I don’t really like it; but you can’t mess with a winning streak, so we’ll see how long it goes… There’s grey in there. You guys can zoom in. There’s grey back here. I’m getting old quickly.”

• On wearing a Vanderbilt sweatshirt to the presser: “I watch them. I talk to (Vanderbilt coach Derek) Mason, I talk to some of the guys over there. We beat Tennessee. They didn’t quite make a bowl; but the recruiting class is looking good, so I’m excited for them.”

• On his wife, Kristin Cavallari, and living out of a suitcase: “It’s been good. They’ve come for pretty much all the home games. They came for Thanksgiving for an extended period of time. They’ll come for Christmas for an extended period of time. There’s ups and downs, there’s pluses and minuses, but Kristin has been extremely supportive and she’s doing a great job with the kids. There’s plenty of time after football to catch up on everything… I might have two bags of clothes, but still just a car, so not much.”

Gase senses Cutler’s more comfortable, too.

“I think the longer you go, the more comfortable you get,” Gase said. “As a quarterback, you really know the guys that you’re working with. You develop more timing… Guys did a good job of sticking with it and not getting frustrated and it kept building week after week… It’s just one of those things, you tweak a little bit at a time. It’s hard to make just an overall change in one day.”

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