What Adam Gase said Friday before season finale

Adam Gase is 16-16 in 32 games, including playoffs. (Allen Eyestone / The Palm Beach Post)

Here’s some of what Adam Gase said Friday before the Bills game:

• Zach Sterup is probably going to go for Laremy Tunsil. We don’t have anyone else left, really.

• Despite way more throws than runs, he’s for whatever helps the team win. But he doesn’t want to throw it that much.

• It was good to coach Jay Cutler this year. It was fun. It was good to be back around him. It’s unbelievable the knowledge NFL players gain over time.

• Good energy at practice today. We’ve had good weather. We’re on the grass. It’s not forever.

• We are always going to make sure we have enough good players on special teams.

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