With NFL playoff field always turning over, Dolphins hope for 2018 rebound

Rams fan Snoop Dogg knows how quickly an NFL team can turn things around. (Getty Images)

DAVIE—One reason the Dolphins would be deterred from a large-scale remodeling of their roster is that they believe the NFL is geared toward quick turnarounds.

Miami pulled one off in 2016 when it went 10-6 to make the playoffs the year after firing Joe Philbin and finished 6-10. A four-game jump is nothing in this league, where the Rams just went from 4-12 to 11-5, and the overall turnover in the playoff field every year gives the Dolphins cause for optimism going into next season.

“One of the main things I like about our sport is every year there’s great stories,” vice president Mike Tannenbaum said. “The NFC, in particular, it’s five out of the six (playoff) teams weren’t in the playoffs a year ago, so 2018 will be a fresh start.”

The Jaguars also made a seven-game improvement, and the Eagles took the No. 1 seed a year after going 7-9.

Not only is Tannenbaum correct about the NFC playoff field, the total turnover this year was two-third for the league. Only Atlanta, New England, Pittsburgh and Kansas City were repeat appearances in the postseason.

The year before, when Miami made it, half the teams had risen from non-playoff seasons in 2015.

“Our sport is set up where we can get this thing turned around,” Tannenbaum said. “A year ago we had won 10 games. We’ve got to learn what went wrong this year and try to get a better product on the field.”

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