To Miami Dolphins’ chagrin, Tom Brady is king of jersey sales in Florida

You oughta be ashamed, Miami Dolphins.

Hide your face, Tampa Bay Bucs.

And we see you sulking in the corner, Jacksonville Jaguars.

The most popular NFL player in the state is … Tom Brady?

That’s according to, which obtained NFL Shop data of merchandise sales during the 2017 season.

How much longer can Tom Brady hold off Ndamukong Suh and the rest of the state’s NFL players in merchandise sales? (Andres Leiva / The Palm Beach Post)


Brady being the leader in, oh, Massachusetts, you can understand. Connecticut? Rhode Island? Sounds logical.

But Brady actually is the leader in 10 states, four of which aren’t in New England: Indiana, New York, Hawaii … and Florida.

If this were a presidential election, John King’s Magic Wall would have short-circuited.

Analyzing the situation, these truths are self-evident:

• Brady likely leads in both the most-popular and least-popular vote in Florida, so calling this a red, white and blue state is strictly a matter of taste.

• Eagles QB Carson Wentz won the second-most states (nine). But if you count D.C., he would tie Brady.

• Jameis Winston, you’ve got work to do.

• The Jags, who’ll be a trendy Super Bowl pick this offseason, might actually be closest to breaking Brady’s stranglehold on Florida, thanks to rookie running back Leonard Fournette and that defense.

• If the Dolphins want to do anything about this in 2018, they might want to re-sign Jarvis Landry.

• Or trade for Dwyane Wade.

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